Friday, July 09, 2010

The Fear of Not Finishing

I've always been a great starter.  If you need an idea, a kick-start, I'm your gal. 

I've *never* been a good finisher.  I gogogogogo and then STOP HARD.

You can only imagine the bunches of arenas this causes problems in . . .
my weight
my homemaking

I am seriously gung-ho when it comes to all of these things.  I have tables, lists, books, websites, notes, any manner of preparation and planning down  100%.  I am really good at follow-through for a length of time.  An hour, a day, a month - but eventually, I peter out.

What is the remedy?  Seeking my all-knowing God and asking Him to guide my steps?  Settling for less than my best and doing things just ok?  Giving up altogether and living a mediocre life?  Hmm.  Thoughts welcome, especially from you Finishers!


  1. I like what Bear Grylls says about that. He talks about how one stays on a straight path through a neverending landscape. Know your destination and your direction. He says pick one point that is in site and walk to it. When you get there pick a new point and walk to that.

    Break it down and start walking (not running). Walking.

  2. Please pass on any good tips you get! I have the same problem!!!

  3. Ummmm.... faith. We have to believe that no matter our past, our future can be different. We can be different. Our minds have a tendency to drift into the same ol' ebb and flow, thinking why bother, as this will always be how it will remain. But... surfers scale those bubbas and have a blast! It's scary to swim out there and ride, but slowly, one day... we hang ten and have taken the hurling waves by the horns, putting them to our own good use. This morning I had to stop an old thought process that had kept me a bit depressed and defeated. An area I have failed in again and again. And all of a sudden, I thought, "Renew your mind, Missy!" And I knew, in that moment, I could do all things with Jesus Christ who strengthens me. A victory. Each victory, like pennies, adds up to a treasure chest! I am beginning to see that life is made up of lots of victories and failures. A process. :) Not instant, like we like, but PROGRESS, however slow it comes. Clap at the victories; dust yourself off from the failures, and get back up. The righteous do this ya know. :) Our mighty and loving God knows the desires of our heart. He sees them, tweeks them, helps us, guides us, comforts us, and just plain ol' always loves us. Emily, the past does not dictate our next minute. So, take one step forward and get out of there! I'm right there with ya, one step at a time, whether backwards or forwards. Let's always pull one another forward. (And if we are both taking a step back, well then, we will lock hands and eventually pull one another.) Truly, I don't think there is one answer that fits all, so I am excited to see what others share. :) Think of Seth and call on the name of the Lord (Genesis 4:26).

  4. oh girl i so could have written this right now. i am generally organized and finish all my tasks but this homeschooling thing is stressing me out