Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday - a day late

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1.   Black Friday is a great day to get amazing deals - we usually either start or finish our shopping on Black Friday!  And by we, I really mean Alif.  God bless him!

2.  Christmas shopping this year will include the usual - gifts for family and a few close friends!

3.  Holiday shopping makes me excited.  But we keep it very simple, so it's not terribly overwhelming.

4.  This year my Christmas list will include  a griddle, which we already ordered online for an awesome price, workout clothes & shoes, gift cards to iTunes, Target and fabric stores, and any fun girly things!

5.  Bargain hunter, or full price shopper?   Bargain for sure, though I have very little patience, so if I really want something and have the money, I'll go ahead and pay full price.

6.  The best and worst things about shopping is the high I get from shopping and getting new stuff.  It's silly but true.

7.  Online shopper or in-person shopper? Both.  I like the ease of shopping online, and the excitement associated with waiting for The Truck to arrive, but I get annoyed with the limited options online - I like to just scan around the store and get the big picture and not feel like I'm missing out on something just because I didn't click the right category.  

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