Sunday, December 05, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

Once a year my Dad rents a big ol' beach house and we all pile in - my family, my sister's family and my Dad & his wife Georgia.  It is amazingly fun and a wonderful way to bond and create tradition and memories for my kids.  If you're not into complete photographic overload, feel free to step away now.  ;-)
I'd never noticed a playground near the beach, but there it was - such a cute one, too!  We spent an hour or so there and let the kids run off some energy.  (I should have joined them - I came home having regained 5 of the 12 pounds I had lost!  Ooops!)
Love - my - nephew!!  GORGEOUS!
Also love my brother-in-law Jason, who completely took my kids under his wing when Alif was a day late in joining us.  We love you brother!
This may well be on our Christmas card this year, so if you and I are address-buddies - sorry to spoil it.  But how cool is this tree?  We each noticed, one by one, how it has a cross on top.  :*)
See this beautiful beach access?  Well, one morning Malachi and I went on a walk - a fast, fitness-style walk.  We went down and up each and every beach access.  Whew!!  When we were down one of them, I was wishing I had my camera to capture Malachi, so I suggested we pretend to take pictures of each other.  I was taking a darling one of Malachi when he goes, "WATER!  WATER!"  In a couple seconds I was soaked up to my knees.  Oops!  High tide!  LOL
No, it was not warm enough for this - but they were having so much fun!

Caris & Malachi got out pretty deep.  It was so heartwarming to watch because when a wave would come and knock Caris over, Malachi was right there to help her back up.  Sweet brother!!

Canaan tried to boogie board after watching Malachi.  He'd set it up like this, get on and stand there.  Finally he came over and said, "I get on and nothing happens.  It just stays right there." 

There is just no place I am more at peace than at the beach.  Add some music and some yoga, and it's totally over the top! 

Graham worked long and hard to make this huge hole - pool - whatever it is.

For you, Mom.  Mr. Shiny.

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