Thursday, December 08, 2005


Alif purchased a whole bunch of flowers right before Graham's birthday party, and Graham & I planted some today! We planted 8 Stocks in deep pink, light pink and white, and 8 Narcissus, all in the front box under the window. I'm so excited! Oh, we put one white stock in a pot on the porch, too. Caris came out to see it all after her nap and said, "Awesome!" It was so nice having some alone time with Graham, and what a pretty end product too!


  1. How sweet!!!! And YAY that you had that quality time with the Birthday Boy!!!!! Happy Birthday Graham, hope your day was full of fun and all of your wishes come true!!!

  2. awe...that was very sweet, emily. those are the moments cherished by parent and child. and the fruit of that special moment will keep on growing!