Sunday, December 18, 2005

Up Close & Personal

A few minutes ago Graham asked me if he could go outside and ride his bike. I said, "sure." but thought it was odd because he doesn't know how to ride his two-wheeler at all, and hasn't shown any interest in it at all. He came back in after just a couple of minutes and I asked him if he rode it. He said, "When I got up close to it, it looked hard again." LOL

So Graham got sick Tuesday, I got it Wednesday and Caris got it Thursday. We're all still running fevers and coughing & congested! What a long time to be sick. We did go to Medieval Times yesterday and I'm so glad we did, but we have spent all day today lying around to make up for the rest we lost yesterday. It was well worth it to see Megan and Jason (and some of Jason's family, too) and to see the looks on my boys' faces as they watched the knights in battle. There was a point during the show when the valiant knight was battling the "bad guy" and I was spurred on to pray for my boys - that God would equip them to fight every battle, that he would instill in them virtue, integrity, chivalry - etc. It totally brought me to tears, and wouldn't you know the server came by at just that moment. How embarrassing! :-D Anyway, it was a good time and the boys have been talking about it on and off all day today. Alif loved it just as much as the boys did, and he's been helping them to use pieces of construction paper taped together to draw up their perfect sword. Next they'll cut them out of plywood and then paint them just so. Great Daddy & sons project!

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  1. aren't we just like graham? we wanna diet, but when we get close to it..... it looks too hard!! Neat prayer! awesome that alif is making swords with his little knights! :)