Tuesday, April 04, 2006

29 days and 6 minutes

Mom & I are leaving for Scotland in 29 days! Caris & I are in drastic nursing cut-down now; as of today, we're down to 3 minutes per side. Yesterday she nursed 9 minutes total, today 6. I cannot believe our nursing relationship is ending in literally days. I guess I'm feeling a little more ok with it now. I had a nice, long cry the other night over Malachi turning 8 and Caris weaning, and as melodramatic as it sounds, grieving is really helping me to end this. It's freedom for me to know I don't have to act like it's no big thing to wean an almost-3-year-old. I mean wow, every day for the last 1000+ days I have nursed her! That's a loooooot of nursing. LOL! Anyway, pardon my rambling about the nursing, but please expect lots more of it before weaning is through, and probably beyond.

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