Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Not Back to School Day!

Today's the first day of school for most kids in our city. It's a day I'm always so thankful for my kids and my husband and that our God directed us to homeschooling. :::teary moment:::

My friend Theresa e-mailed last week and invited us to the museum to celebrate not back to school day. LOL I invited Lynette, and we all went and met a couple of other people there. We had such a nice time! The kids had a ball playing in the children's museum, then we ate lunch outside, and then looked around the very old houses, offices etc. I wish I'd left after lunch, because it was hot after that and I got tired & grouchy and didn't listen to my limits. I guess it's good that we stayed though, because the kids really did like looking around the old houses and things.

I have to admit that this morning Graham was acting up and I started to get in a bad mood, and that old feeling from last year crept in, where I just wanted to stay home. But you know what? I am absolutely determined to be involved this year. I remember when we were super involved with a local group and I practically lived for Wednesday park days. Since we left that group I just haven't ever gotten back to being very involved and I don't think that is good for me or for the kids. So going today was not only fun but a great start to our new committment!

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  1. oh Emily! That is so exciting! Did you go in the dress up room? = )