Saturday, August 12, 2006

Woo hoo!

Ok, so I hardly ever actually say, "woo hoo!" in real life, but it feels great to write it because it's how I feel! The morning sickness has faded for the most part, and just in time, too. Now that I'm feeling better I can see what all suffered while I was sick. Like, we went grocery shopping for the first time last week (Alif had been handling that for me) and when I put away the groceries I noticed how the refrigerator was screaming to be all scrubbed out. What a difference that made!

Also, we are moving (just a couple streets away) in a few months and so I am going room to room, purging, tossing, goodwill-bagging etc. Moving has a way of making all of my accumulations so much less important to hang on to. Do I want to pack this and unpack it? Do I want to find a place for this in our new house? If the answer is no, away it goes. Some of it gives me a little sad tinge to get rid of, but if I know I'll never miss it, it's gone.

The boys did soccer camp last week and had a GREAT time. I didn't get to go since Caris was just getting over the chicken pox, but Alif went each night and it was a blast for them all. They learned a ton and it made them even more excited for the upcoming soccer season!

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  1. What?? When did the moving plans happen?? I wondered what you'd you if you had another boy. Are you taking all your curtains with you? What about the new floors?! LOL I'm so excited for you. :)