Monday, August 14, 2006

I love my family!

Today was a busy day. First I had my ob checkup. Everything looks great, and hooray, my u/s is in two weeks!! We're planning to find out the gender this time and I'm so excited I can hardly wait.

After that we had the first day of our new school year. The second I walked in the door Malachi said, "Can we start school now??" LOL! I made us a snack and away we went! We worked for an hour and a half and then it was lunchtime. I read to the kids until 1 and then we all napped (well, the boys had quiet time). After that we went off to the lab, where the phlebotomist took most of my blood. :-P

We got home and finished up our schoolwork, which took until 6:00. Weird day for sure. I made dinner after that and we ate - croissant sandwiches and grapes. Everyone loved it. After dinner we all cleaned until 8:30 and got the house mostly cleaned. Hooray. Put kids to bed and then crashed on the couch. Now it's Treasure Hunters time.

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  1. I love days where I look back and say I love my family!
    We did some school work here too....and cleaned up...only I cleaned AFTER treasure hunters....and now I am running on fumes from staying up so late!