Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sugar Attack Part 2

Though it may seem obvious, I wrote out a list of the benefits of cutting way back on my sugar intake:
weight loss
reduced health risks
more energy
fewer (or no?) panic attacks
better mood
better immune system
healthier kids
pride in my diet
money saved
more stamina
better breastmilk
avoid binging

What reasons do you have for reducing your sugar intake?


  1. my main would be weight loss! and i feel like i have alot of mood swins lately i think it has to do w/ the artificial sweetners i have been having in the diet drinks.

  2. Man those are REALLY good. I agree with all of those for sure. I think also just a peace that I'm not acting impulsively. Cause I know when I reach for sugar it's not usually a well thought out decision

  3. Does reducing sugar really cut down panic attacks? I have been really panicky lately, and I was wondering if my medicine stopped working. Maybe I'll try the sugar thing! Does that include refines carbs?

  4. Mood swings, definitely. More room in my diet for healthy foods. Better energy levels--> More energy for my kids --> Happier household.

    We can DO this!! :)