Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sugar Attack Part 4

So I know, obviously, that eating less sugar will be good for my health, and that continuing on in my sugar-laden ways will be destructive. Now what?? I thought a lot about how to cut back on sugar. Should I just tell myself no candy? Dessert only at gatherings? One spoon instead of two in my tea? Cold-turkey? I was thinking and praying about this one day when the answer felt clear: a sugar fast. One day a week, at first, I will do a sugar fast. My first one is tomorrow (Sunday).
What's not allowed:
candy, cake, ice cream, anything overtly sugary
soda or other sugary drinks
tea with sugar and creamer
canned or frozen fruit with sugar
cereal or hot cereal (too much temptation to lay on the sugar)

What is allowed, besides the obvious proteins, veggies etc.:
fresh fruit
tea with milk
whole-grain bread

Now, these lists aren't based on my nutritional prowess but on my personal knowledge of how my body works. I know that the foods in the no-go list are temptations for me, that I am likely to binge on them. I don't think I will go crazy with the fresh fruit or drink too many cups of tea sweetened only with milk.

So two questions: anyone wanna join me? And also, is there anything obvious missing from my not-allowed list? Wait, one more question. Any great ideas on sweet substitutes? Not like fake sugar but snacks that will be fulfilling without being sweet.


  1. is there a sprouts near you? ever since we got one...we eat soooo much fruit....and fresh veggies.

  2. Hi again! If you like sweet tea, look for Good Earth original herbal tea. It's sweet without sugar.

    Instead of boxed cereal or instant oatmeal (which always have sugar), I put a cup of oats, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, and cover them with soymilk, then put in the microwave for 90 seconds. Mix it up for a filling creamy, crunchy texture. You could try ricemilk instead of soymilk, and almond butter instead. My soymilk is sweetened, but ricemilk is naturally sweeter.

    Also, remember to stay hydrated, and don't wait too long to eat. It's always harder to resist sugar when your blood sugar is crashing! Plan ahead so you're ready for it.