Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday's Random Thoughts

Yesterday Caris told me about a nightmare she had. She dreamed that there was a fire in our house, and everyone else had gotten out but she was the only one stuck inside the house with no way out. It made me sad that her little mind is complex enough already to have had such a complicated and frightening dream. I prayed about it and filled her mind with beautiful things last night, and afterward she said, "I know what Satan is trying to do to me. He's trying to make me love him instead of Jesus." I said, "Oh honey, he knows you are God's girl and that you'll never love him, so he's working on making you scared instead." I have battled fear all my life and I really do not want that for my girl! On a practical note, we do not have a single smoke alarm in our home (I know, I know.) so today we went to Target and got a 2-pack. I'll need to get another 2-pack but at least for now the kids' rooms will each have one.

I read a blog today that said that a good amount of laundry is one load per family member per week. Six loads a week for my family? I do more like 20-30! DANG! I am working on some ways I can reduce my laundry:
~not even try to change the fact that Alif wears multiple layers of clothes at one time
~make sure the kids actually put away their clean laundry so it doesn't get mixed up with the dirty laundry all over their bedroom floors
~teach kids to put dirty clothes into hampers
~teach self to do the same
~train kids to hang their towels and use the same one for a week like Alif & I do
~pray that bedwetting will stop. soon.

Swim lessons started this week and went exceedingly well. Except that the pool pump broke on Wednesday and lessons were canceled for Thursday and Friday. Bummer! We were all so disappointed! I'm going to see if there's a way we can afford to do one more session this summer.

I must get Alif's contractor's license application mailed this week. We are stalled trying to think of a business name. My current fave is Aleph Construction. Aleph is the first letter of the greek alphabet and is where my in-laws came up with Alif. But it's more pronounceable and interesting and non-casual for a business name, I think. What do YOU think? Any ideas? He does any and all kinds of home repairs and improvements but especially loves doing remodels. Hmm.

It's not very green of me, but my bathrooms are ever so much cleaner since I caved and bought the disposable bathroom wipes. In literally 1-2 minutes I can give the counter, sink and toilet a quick wipe-down and they sparkle and are disinfected. So long green, clean is in for me!

Garden news: tomatoes are doing well with probably about 20 on the plant and 3 red so far (yum!). Grape tomatoes, planted about 2 weeks ago, are springing forth with green glee. Peas sprouted from the compost pile! Peas! And LAST year's jalapeno plant has 2 plump jalapenos on there, and last year's bell pepper plant is growing one good-lookin' pepper. Love my garden! Love it!


  1. Thanks for sharing that hard-working hubby with us this month, Emily! They are making great progress - it's SO exciting!! I like the Greek A idea, except that when I saw Aleph, I pronounced it "Uh-LEF" in my head. But maybe I'm a dork. ;)

    How about just AP Construction? Too boring? Or something with "home" in it? Heart for Home Construction? Too girly? LOL. I know, it's a business, not a blog!

    So fun to hear about your garden! And laundry... I can completely relate. I did an extra 5 loads this week because of the CAT. Speaking of bedwetting... The 3yo is doing better than the 9yo kitty.

    Can I say that I am really excited to be done washing diapers? I think I did my last load yesterday. H started sleeping in underwear the other night. I was so shocked! Not that there's no possibility of accidents, of course...

  2. Poor Caris. But I think you handled it very well, and hopefully she won't be having any more of those dreams.

    I use those wipes too!!! I know, it's not very green. I tried to use the washable cloths for the mirror and counters, but that just doesn't work as well. I go green in other ways, as much as possible, like the canvas shopping bags, recycling cans and bottles, not using paper plates etc., to balance it out, hehe.

  3. I have to add my 2 cents worth here...I love the wipes! oh yea! But not the name brand. The Costco brand (Kirkland?) are bigger and sturdier than the others. Go figure! I can rinse and keep going with those. Does it make me greener?

    And I didn't get a picture of what Kali did to my garden. She plucked leaves off of every plant (green beans) and left the roots! So hopefully they come back.

    BTW> If you ask me 'A penny for my thoughts' and I give you my '2 cents worth' where does the other penny go? :)

  4. I love the wipes, too. I buy the big tubs of Walmart brand cleaner wipes (like the Lysol wipes) & we use that one tub for close to a month. I wipe down counters w/ them & the kids use them when they clean the bathroom. (And if I ever get around to it, I'll use them for my bathroom, too! ha ha) Like someone else said, I am green in lots of other ways, so I don't feel guilty about my wipes!

  5. Funny! I just gave up those wipes! They are wonderful for kids to help with the cleanup, though. I am using vinegar (pee-ew) and want to get some cloths just for bathroom cleaning. Mostly just trying to save money :)

    I wondered what your business name was! I also see Uh-lef. How about Alpha or Alpha Omega??