Sunday, June 21, 2009

So Thankful

Canaan joined Alif & I in bed at some point last night. I think it was early morning. He nursed and when I turned over to go back to sleep, he scooted over and fell asleep with his feet against my side and his head cuddled on Alif's chest. What a sweet start to Father's Day!

As the day got going and we were rushing around to get ready for church, I would see one of my kids and say to myself, "Thank you (Alif) for giving me Caris." "Thank you for giving me Graham." And so on. Could there be any gift better than children? They're my most precious earthly treasure, and I know they're Alif's, too. We share a passion for our kids that couldn't possibly be matched by anything else.

And my own Dad - how lucky I am to be his daughter. He raised me to know the Lord. He wrestled with me and made me watch as he fixed the cars. He taught me how to pull weeds, how to laugh at myself, how to treat others. His sparkling personality filled me with awe then much as it does now. Watching him love my kids is even sweeter than being the adult recipiet of his love.

But most of all, today I am thankful for my Father. My Heavenly Father. Because no matter what happens, he is the same. He never changes, never gives up, never stops loving me, never stops giving me grace. He loves me beyond reason and seeks to make me something more.

I love you Alif! I love you Dad! I love you Father!

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