Sunday, November 29, 2009

BeSIDE Myself.

This morning the funniest thing happened. Let me preface by saying that Alif and I were both VERY grouchy after having almost no sleep last night due to a certain little someone coughing in our bed all - night - long.

Alif got up and was going through all my CDs and he was just on a roll, trying to get them all organized. I went back to bed for an hour and by the time I got downstairs he'd spent probably 2 hours on the project and there were CDs missing and such - he was beSIDE himself. LOL

So here's what happened. He found this DVD that said "Tater Family" on it, handwritten by me. He asked, "Who's the Tater Family?" Well, I'll tell you who they are - they're a family of potatoes that I dressed up to look like people for an Awana lesson. So my sleep deprivation plus the silliness of him asking so seriously who they were and me picturing "Agi Tater" and "Commen Tater" was just too much. I lost it. I started laughing so hard I knew I looked ugly. I mean, it was BAD. And all the while he was just staring at me like I was retarded, and that made it so much funnier to me, and by this time I had tears going down my face and it felt very red. He kept asking, "Who ARE they? Emily, who are the Tater family?" And every time he asked, I laughed harder.

He said, "Can you go upstairs if you're going to act like that?" and it sounded to me like something one of the kids would say to each other if they were annoyed, and if it was possible, I laughed EVEN HARDER. Somehow I found the breath to say, "What did you say??" and he said, "Please. Please get a grip." Oh man, laughing fits are so, so good.


  1. So glad you got a good laugh, even if it did make your sweetie wonder who he had married!

  2. Yep! I'm having one now over that scenario you just painted!!!