Monday, November 30, 2009

Teeth: check

Alright. Let this be my PSA of the week: Brush Your Teeth! But don't stop there. Brush them with a good electronic toothbrush if you can. Floss your teeth, too. Use a mouthwash. Get your teeth cleaned every six months. Be a little obsessive about it. Because if you don't, you'll be like me.

I went to see my dentist in 2007, and apparently it had been a while because at the time they recommended a deep clean, which would cost $195. Totally embarrassing and not at all affordable. I never did go back. Until today.

I knew it would be a bad situation. After all, if I needed a deep clean in 2007, and if my own teeth grossed me out in the mirror, then I knew the situation could not be good today.

I took Caris with me, such a wimp was I to go alone. The x-ray tech took her pictures - both x-ray and actual pictures - and she was just plain delightful. She had a sense of humor that took the edge right off. She took us back to a room and put on The Little Mermaid for us. And ok, I love the music in that movie but I'd forgotten how much evil and magic there was! Eeeks!

The dentist came in and introduced himself and asked, "So, what would you be doing today if you weren't here?" Aww, nice! He checked out my teeth and then explained the whole nasty situation. I need two crowns. Two other spots of decay he just put on watch, since they'd gone ahead and hardened over. (Cool!) And of course, I needed a deep cleaning and also irrigation, which is some technique they use to handle periodontal disease.

Then in came the big bad billing lady. The crown will of course be quite expensive, but I was dismayed when she said that the deep cleaning would be $404 and the irrigation $240. Oh no, oh no! I told her I just couldn't do it, and she said she would go talk to the doctor.

Next thing I knew the hygienist came in and said they could do a regular cleaning and send me home with a bottle of stuff that would swish my gum disease away. Total $35. WOW! Do we serve a God who can handle even our silliest, nastiest problems or what?

I have to tell you, that cleaning hurt. But the hygienist was amazing and my teeth look incredible. Caris was so sweet - she sat next to me and rubbed my arm. LOL Something's very backward about this picture, isn't it?

Anyway, I will be a LOT better about caring for my teeth from here on out, I promise!


  1. Our God is an awesome God!!!! He cares about even the smallest of things (cavities) and reveals His mercy and provision all over our troubles! Yahoo!

  2. Oh, Emily, I hear you on the teeth front. I hadn't been to the dentist in five years, and last year I had to have two root canals! We have dental insurance, but it only covers 50 percent -- we are still paying our $1600 bill, and they only did HALF my mouth! I have to go back in January to have the rest done! Honestly, the amounts you said sounded really cheap to me, so I think I must have the most expensive dentist in town!!!