Monday, November 09, 2009

It IS November, after all

We made popcorn balls for my mother-in-law's Halloween party. Oh friends, they are good and so easy! Go make them! Or don't, and be thankful that you don't know what you're missing. We may be guilty of making several batches of these and consuming them all.

So at the same party, mil hosted a carving contest. Graham carried this one over for Alif and I oohed and aahed over it like nobody's business. As you can see, I even took pictures of it. "Oh my goodness, it's the cutest one ever! Alif, I love it!!" He soaked in my praise, beaming. Yeah - it was FAKE!! That trickster! He even had Graham pretend it was heavy-ish so I wouldn't suspect anything. Boo! LOL

Here are all the actual jack-o-lanters on display. Look at darling Brea in the middle, holding Canaan. I kid you not, that girl tried for over a year to court Canaan and he would have nothing to do with her. This soccer season he suddenly fell in love with her, and he just can't get enough of her now!

Here are all the kids, ready to gather candy. Malachi and Graham were white ninjas, Caris was a cheetah and Canaan was accidentally the evil spider-man. Don't blame me, I didn't know what I was ordering. Ebay took over my common sense.

We decided, incidentally, that next year it's going to be a church carnival for our family. Caris commented twice about the gory stuff around and said she was afraid she'd have nightmares.

She sure looked cute, though, and her two missing front teeth made her look like she had kitty fangs. LOL
Saturday was our last day of soccer, and both boys won their last games (so did Caris, the week before). And actually, that may have been far from our last weekend of soccer because Malachi's team is in the playoffs and I think he has been picked up for a spring select team. See me (not) jumping for joy.
Canaan had fun modeling Aunt Rabae's green glasses. Not sure if these are for real or what but they were hilarious on him.

I half-jokingly tried to line up all my boys in that cheesy between-the-legs portrait pose and was sure they wouldn't do it - but they did. ROFL
Kinda cute, yeah? Look what happened next:
Goofy goofballs! LOL I'll end with one of my favorite pics of Graham - love him!!


  1. what a great catch up on your family! you have great kids Emily! (i am sure you know that though)

  2. The popcorn balls look delicious! Blessings!

  3. Your pumpkin story made me laugh. ;) And the popcorn balls look yummy!!

  4. What a bunch of cuties! Was the red in Malachi's hair for his soccer team? I was sure I was seeing things but it's there isn't it?

    I'm so glad we don't have all the spooky stuff here. My kids can come up with enough stuff to feed their nightmares themselves.

  5. That is a great picture of Graham, love the one of Alif and Malachi too, can't get over how fast your big boys are growing into little men!

  6. I loved all those pictures!!!!!