Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Pageant

The kids have been practicing for a couple of months for the church's annual Christmas program. Malachi was not excited about this at all and in fact, at one point he cried and said, "I'm not a stage kind of person!" I said, "Well, you're already committed to doing it so you are going to perform, but it's your last year in this." I felt a little guilty about it but come on, it's just a church Christmas program! It's not like I'm asking him to perform in front of thousands, you know?

And ok, maybe I'm living vicariously through my children a little bit. Because I love to sing and would love to perform in something like this! My Mom and I were in a musical a few years ago and it was so, so fun. There just aren't that many opportunities for adults to do things like this, darn it!

Of course I made them pose for a totally unflattering, cheesy picture before we left . . .
Canaan performed too but stayed with us in the audience until it was his turn to sing. When our children's director called for the 2-year-olds to come up, Canaan just walked right up to the stage, all by himself. Big boy!
Each of the boys had a speaking part. Graham: I can't even load my iPod, 'cause they don't have internet (in Bethlehem)!
Malachi: Of all of the places they could send us! Surely they are kidding! (sounded like: of all of the places they could send us surely they are kidding.)And afterward - happy it's over, I guess? LOL


  1. They all did great! I wanted to make my kids participate but Jon vetoed me. Both us being preacher's kids meant we were in every musical there ever was. LOL.

  2. Oh, let's be in a musical together Emily!!!! Me and you--"The Mommies who Want to Sing and Dance, but No One Will Listen ro Watch!" Everyone will come, I 'm sure of it!

    The kids look so cute and I just want to squeeze little Canaan. He reminds me a lot of our little Caden.

  3. I thought it was so sweet that you guys came to watch though, Daisy!!

    Tara, ROFL! Let's go for it! HA HA!

  4. PS Tara, how old is Caden?

  5. They did it!!!! I loved wathcing my kids perform!

  6. HOW FUN!!! I love to see the kids enjoying things like that, or at least participating ;-)
    Lion was supposed to perform in 1 song for the Sunday before Christmas and he was the only kid from the Sunday School that wouldn't get up. He is such an attention seeker but things like that just freak him out, it's gotta be on his terms! Thing is, he was probably one of the few kids who knew ALL the words to the song. strange boy.