Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Wishes

I'm thinking tonight, on New Year's Eve, of a New Year's Eve over a decade ago. I was working as a hostess at an upscale restaurant and I really wanted to look hot that night. When I walked in to work in a plunging-neckline dress borrowed from my mom and an updo that totally worked, I felt hot. I felt the sexiest I've ever felt in my life that night. My body rocked, my outfit rocked, my hair looked amazing, and my makeup was perfect.

Tonight? I weigh - umm, a lot more than I did then. My hair's in an updo alright, and my bangs are pinned to the side with a bobby pin. I'm wearing green velour sweat pants, and Alif's not exactly drooling over me - instead, he's watching a movie on his laptop while I talk to you on mine.


I've been considering today what I might wish for the new year. I'm not even sure I know. Isn't there something wrong with that, to not even know what I want to accomplish? I have a hard enough time achieving goals I am really excited about.

But here's the truth of the matter:

I want my Mom to remain healthy in 2010.

I want to lose weight and reclaim myself in 2010.

I want to fold in to my Lord in 2010 and stay safely under his wing.

I want healing in 2010.

High hopes and a big, big God. Bring it on, 2010.


  1. First... I'm too chicken to ever say, "Bring it on." Secondly, I hear ya about all else in your post. Emily, all our days are written with the Lord's own hand... while we were yet in our mothers' womb (Psalm 139). Mysterious and comforting. God is good, even in the bad. lol - I prefer what I see as good!!!!! Anyhoo - happy new year - no matter what He brings or allows! xo

  2. Yes, we have somehow lost ourselves a little, us mommies of many...but we can reclaim ourselves without sacrificing our little ones. We CAN fit exercise into the day, we CAN make sure our clothes are...clean...and classic..if not stylish (who can afford to keep up with the trends these days? I think I'm going back to preppy.) And We CAN put on makeup; I figure if I write these things, I will believe them. I am sick of feeling frumpy and less than what I could be so I totally indentify with this post. Your goals are awesome and I pray for you that they would be within GOD's best plans and will for you this year!!!

  3. Happy New Year Friend, I so know that you can achieve your goals this year. God is big and He is always with you!! You are never alone!!

  4. Here's a toast to reclaiming that sense of your gorgeousness with God's help!! We may not be able to get our pre-kids bodies back, but we can still take care of ourselves and feel HOT! :)

  5. P.S. I think I'll go take a shower and get dressed now. ;)

  6. I just gave you 2 awards.. I hope you accept them!

  7. I just awarded you with two special blogging awards. I hope they brighten your day and let you know I think you are special!