Friday, December 04, 2009

A Year of Graham

Happy 10th Birthday Graham!!
In January you wore over 30 shirts to Awana for layers night or some crazy thing. You had so many on you couldn't breathe and we had to stop and strip off some layers. I was genuinely frightened.

This year you have grown to really enjoy reading. I wasn't sure I'd ever find you reading just for enjoyment but that has happened many times over the last year. You recently read the book "Holes" and loved it. I read it too and could totally see why you enjoyed it so much. Great book!

Your love of photography continued. I love that you make sure you have your camera and fresh batteries when we go somewhere. It cracked me up when you showed me how you had taken a video of our whole car trip one time. You've done it a few times since.In April we went to Home Depot and built their free project. We've done 2 or 3 of them now and you always enjoy it. Grandma Baldwin even took you to one when you spent the night at her house!

Also in April we went as a family to a local farm and picked berries. You enjoyed playing in the corn and ate blueberries all the way home.
You played baseball again and liked it ok.You let your hair grow for a while. I'm not sure it was the right look. You never really seem to care too much about things like this, and when I told you one day that it was time to cut it you just said, "ok."

Grandpa Payne took you to the school by our house and practiced soccer with you almost every day this summer. You improved A LOT. At the beginning of this soccer season you said the worst your team would ever do would be to tie, because no one would get any balls past you. You really were a great player and even scored a goal this season!

In November we took our annual trip to the beach. As usual, you loved it and had a blast playing in the sand and water with your brother, playing checkers with your Dad and this year we had a mini Birthday party, at which you received things like duct tape and hot glue guns. This made you so happy that you proclaimed, "there can never be too much duct tape!!"

I love you, son. I love you.


  1. There can never be too much duct tape is right! Graham needs to be spokesperson for the company!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Graham!!!

    Has he seen the duct tape mythbusters episode?