Saturday, January 09, 2010

How must it feel?

Each night before bed, Canaan cuddles with Alif on the couch for a while and then I carry him up to bed and tuck him in. He sleeps all night in his bed, and about 2 mornings a week he crawls into bed with Alif and I early in the morning.

This morning was a baby-in-bed morning. He crawled in around 5:45 and we fell back asleep until I got up with my alarm at 6:45. I looked over at him and he was absolutely peaceful. He was on his back, and as I slipped out of bed, he shifted a little closer to Alif and stayed sound asleep.

Later in the day I was wishing I could get inside his head. What is it like when he wakes in his bed? Does he feel a little cold and think of our heavy blankets? Does he feel lonely and long for our arms around him? Does he miss us?

Whatever the case, can you just imagine the feeling? You're cold or lonely or scared, and you crawl up into your mama and daddy's bed, slide your hands around mama's tummy, and your world is now complete. You're warm. Your Daddy is big and solid and all yours in the quiet of this morning. Mama kisses your cheek, your forehead, your hair, and lies still, no distractions.

I think it's what it will feel like to us when we're in Heaven and our Daddy beckons us, don't you?


  1. What a beautiful thought and a beautiful picture!

  2. My youngest still does this. I remember crawling into bed with Mom and Dad and be surrounded by their smells and warmth. There was such safety and contentment there (especially in the middle where I had all the blankets).

  3. I could go for some of that right now!

  4. Ohhhh, this is such a nice thought. I have never really wondered, "What caused my little one to come seek me out tonight?" ...mostly because I am usually too busy thinking, "...please go back to bed so I can sleep."

    I will have a different (and much nicer) perspective if one of the munchkins visits tonight. :) Thanks in advance from my kidlings.