Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture Post

Caris' Dottie had a Birthday. Funny how dog years work - Dottie just had a Birthday a couple months ago. We all have to play ridiculous games, eat strange snacks and bring Dottie presents. Can I just be honest and tell you that when Caris announces that it's Dottie's Birthday, I'm always kind of like - SIGH! This time I was thinking that I was going to tell her that Dottie can only have a Birthday once a year like everyone else. Then I realized that the next time Dottie would have a Birthday, Caris would be seven . . . and then eight . . . and then - oh my gosh, how many more years will Caris honestly want to throw her stuffed dog a BIRTHDAY PARTY?? Hello reality! Instead of moaning and groaning, I got out my newly-repaired sewing machine and whipped up a cute little dog bed for sweet, loved Dottie.
Any guesses on this picture??
Brothers - happy sigh. I got home from a dental appointment and saw the boys cuddled up like this, and it was just one of those sweet moments, quite representative of the kind of relationship these particular brothers share. Precious love.
Proof that one day a couple weeks ago, Mommy took a nap!!
I saw Caris sitting on the couch and snapped a picture, and it looked just like she looks to me - you know how sometimes pictures just capture something very common? This was one of those for me.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Cute, is the one w/ paper a printer?

  2. Awwww, love this! Love that very rare napping moment of yours- what a sweet picture. The pillow case your head is on looks familiar - what sheets are those? What a week you have had, I can't wait to see you in a few days!

  3. You are a great mom! I need to throw more doggie parties, I think.

    I LOVE the picture of the boys. Too adorable.

  4. What a fun mommy you are!

  5. Lovely, wonderful, sweet household. Makes me feel peaceful and I wanna go cuddle my boys and play with Kya's hair...and go to sleep. :) Happy birthday Dottie!

  6. Oh and you should submit that picture of the boys to the fair or something. What a gorgeous photo! I thought it was vintage.