Tuesday, April 13, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks: The Glass Lake

Alright.  So you read my glowing review of Echoes and I pledged to name my future daughter, should there be one, Maeve.  I loved it that much.  And indeed, there have been several Maeve Binchy books that I have loved. 

I guess if I'd read The Glass Lake before I read Echoes, I'd have loved it at least as much.  Or maybe if I'd waited a few years to read The Glass Lake after having read Echoes.  Here's the thing: The Glass Lake?  Is almost exactly like Echoes.

Both novels feature young girls who grow up and overcome the odds.  I won't give away details because truly, both books are worth reading, but there are A LOT of similarities between the books.  It's like she had a formula and just plugged in a few different names and life circumstances and ta-daaaa, the publishers were happy.  Sigh.

At the same time though, The Glass Lake IS a good book and the storyline IS compelling and I AM glad I read it.  And I did start YET ANOTHER Maeve Binchy book a few days later, which I'm in the middle of now.  If I have to read about one more person pulling pints I am going to pull out my hair.  It's time for a break from Binchy!

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