Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cowboy Kitty

UPDATE: He's home!!!!!!!!! I said to Alif tonight (Wednesday) "Be sure you look outside for Cowboy before you go to bed" and opened the door to look myself, and THERE HE WAS!!! Oh praise God!! Thank you so much for praying!

When Malachi was three, and we knew he was absolutely, 100%, undeniably and reliably potty-trained, we took him to PetSmart and let him choose a kitten. There were 3 black kittens with silver undercoats, and we picked one that seemed confident. And ok, adorable. He was teeny-weeny and so incredibly cute! Malachi named him Cowboy. Is that the sweetest cat name ever or what?
Look how he loved him!
Fast-forward some years and here's Canaan loving on not-so-little Cowboy . . .
Cowboy has been well seasoned and can sleep under almost any circumstances.
But he's most often found in the arms of this little girl:
Caris is usually the first one awake and the first thing she does is find Cowboy and give him a little dog food. She's convinced that Cowboy is the only cat in the world who likes to eat a little dog food first thing in the morning. ;-)

Kitty Cowbs? Is pretty patient. He has never nipped at any of the kids, even though they play with him A LOT.

Caris took this picture a couple months ago because she thought it was so darn funny how it looked like Cowboy was about to drink her tea.

And now the other shoe drops. We haven't seen Cowboy since Sunday night.

Yesterday I was worried. We looked everywhere. We put cat food out, called his name, looked with a flashlight . . . no kitty.

Today I am sick, I'm so sad. My stomach has been hurting a good part of the day - that awful knotted feeling. We made up LOST CAT posters and put them around the neighborhood. We walked around looking for him and even over to our old house in case he might have gotten scared and wandered back over there. No kitty.

We drove the neighborhood several times looking for him. Driving past those LOST CAT signs with pictures of OUR CAT on there? Is very, very sad.

And tonight I realized that we haven't seen our cat in two days, and I really miss him. He's a big part of our lives. He's in and out of our house a dozen times a day. He sleeps on Caris' bed. He is part of our family. We love him. The kids seem ok, surprisingly, but Mommy has had several ugly cries over this situation.

Oh, I hope our kitty comes home!!


  1. aw, my heart is so sad for you. i will pray that cowboy is found.

  2. oh no, BIG HUGS!!!! I hope he comes home.

  3. Emily, this is such a sweet post about your kitty. Oh how I pray that Cowboy comes home soon!

  4. Oh, I know how you are feeling, I am so sorry that he is missing, I am praying that he comes home!!!

  5. Oh wow...Cowboy is a big kitty! He almost looks like a panther! Beautiful! I'm praying that he is found!

  6. Liz, he does look big in some of those pics but I laughed when I read that because he's really a petite cat. You can tell his size pretty accurately by that last picture. I think it's deceiving seeing him lie on Caris because she's not a very big girl. :-)

  7. I'm so glad you got your kitty back, Emily!

  8. Ah I am glad you found my blog and now I have found yours! =)

  9. Glad to see cowboy kitty came home, the lord has truly blessed you with a wonderful pet.