Friday, April 16, 2010

Prepare for Immaturity

Ok - read this in a 3-year-old's most awful whiny voice:
Caaaanaaaan doesn't liiiiike meeeeee!

Alright.  I'm exaggerating.  A LITTLE.  But let me tell you my little story.

All 3 of my older kids preferred me.  Totally and completely.  Alif is an AMAZING Daddy, and they all loved him (still do LOL) and enjoyed playing with him and everything, but if Mommy was available, Mommy it would have to be.  They cried when I left them.  They wanted me when they were hurt.  They cuddled with me when it was cuddle time.


I used to joke around that once Canaan was done nursing he'd want nothing to do with me.  Ehhh - yeah, I was right.  When Alif's gone, he likes me just fine.  We play, I read to him and he loves it, he asks if he can help with dinner, we go on walks - you know, life as usual.  But the moment Daddy's home, even when Canaan hears him pull up, it's all over.  He follows his Daddy around every single minute.  If he gets hurt, he goes to Daddy.  If I leave to go somewhere, he's like, "don't let the door hit you on your way out!"  Ok, thankfully he doesn't say THAT, but his attitude does!  If I jokingly say, "who's the best, Mommy or Daddy?" then I instantly regret asking because the answer is always clear, and it's not in my favor!

Now one thing I do have goin' for me is that I'm apparently great to snuggle with in the night.  When he climbs into our bed in the wee hours he usually heads straight for the mama and clings tightly till morning.  

When the older kids were little, I would often wonder if it hurt Alif's feelings that the kids so preferred me.  He would always assure me that it didn't, but he continued to make valiant efforts to win their affections.  I guess it was high time he earned it.  It only took him four kids! 


  1. Ah, a daddy's boy! :) I bet Alif loves the attention. "It only took him four kids"... LOL Too cute :)

  2. LOL. Both my kids drop me like a hot potato the minute Jon drives up (usually I'm glad), but sometimes it makes me feel a little whiny.

  3. So sweet and such a cute outlook!

  4. Awe that is sweet! My second definitely "preferres" my husband and it makes me sad sometimes! But it is nice to have one that can run to daddy when the other is running to mommy =) Cute post =)

  5. That is a darling post!!!!!