Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pictures

I made all the kids smile for me in the front yard before we headed off to church for the day. I'm not all that keen on posed pictures but I didn't have that much time to follow the kids around the house catching good candids. Graham is without glasses because his were accidentally crunched in the midst of a brotherly fight. I hope they are fixable.

Speaking of brothers, here's mine, Jerod, making Canaan laugh his cute little head off.

Malachi did not enjoy the forced photo-taking but he's sure handsome anyway!

Aww, here they all are! Aren't they lovely?

Here's Mr. Little and Tiny in his handsome big-boy Easter outfit!

Canaan was a funny boy with this pencil in his mouth while we rode around in the car. And isn't his car seat cover the cutest?

Caris actually posed herself in this darling, girly way. I made her dress and was thrilled for her to have a dress that was long enough without having an enormous bodice. She picked the fabric all by herself. I wasn't sure how cute it would be but even after the first few seams were done I fell in love with it.


  1. Caris's dress is beautiful! All the kids look great. I did the blog myself. I love your blogs new name!!

  2. Great pictures Emily!!! You have a beautiful family!!!

  3. your kids are SO cute, and I love Caris's dress , adorable!!!!!

  4. Oh yay I'm so glad you did this- seriously, you have a LOT to be proud of!

  5. Dude! You sew too? I knew I was missing another category in my "People I can't help admiring" post.

    Beautiful dress (love the yellow and the details), and even more beautiful kids! I love the green argyle(?) patterns on the boys.

  6. Canaan is so so cute! i love that Easter outfit, he looks like he's ready to go golfing. And i'm pretty impressed that you made Caris' dress, good job!

  7. OMGosh I love Canaan's outfit! Holy pro golfer. LOL :) Great pix Emily, your fam's adorable.

  8. Ya know, I have to add to my other comment...I really like Jerod's hair short!

  9. Emily I'm so glad you commented because I read your blog sometimes, but I always felt weird about it since I've only met you a couple times.

    But yeah, I started thinking about the cloth diapering when I talked to my friend Tiffany about it. Then I just looked at the links from your Lucky Ducky blog and now I think I definitely want to do it. They're so much more cuter, cheaper, safer, and environmentally friendly... all of which are important to me.

    I'm going to do some more research, but thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh and I meant to tell you that the Easter dress for Caris is just darling. :)

  10. Hey Emily! The kiddos looked adorable on Easter! I'm slacking at checking in on you because I can't hit the link off of Meg's blog anymore! I think I'll have to add you to mine :)