Monday, March 10, 2008

Virtual Collage

I joined this site called and it has tons of great tools for weight loss and healthy living. You can track your calories, exercise, water intake, keep a blog, post on message boards - they write up a diet plan for you, etc. One of the motivational tools they ask you to do is to make a collage of some things that motivate you to lose weight. Here are some of mine, not in order LOL:

Have more self esteem/confidence

Feel more confident when speaking in front of a group

Prove to myself that I can do it

Feel more like myself

By VBS (in June), feel more fit, active, in control

Be stronger

Be more active with my kids (these are not my kids LOL)

Be fit in case of another pregnancy

Be healthy enough to be active with my grandkids

Have more energy

Enjoy more active hobbies with my husband

Have thinner thighs

Look and feel fit

Like how I look naked

Enjoy wearing fashions that I love

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