Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks, Amanda!

We had co-op at Amanda's house on Saturday and planted quite a bit. I got inspired to stop the half-hearted researching and just start planting! Here's what we've planted so far:
Early Girl Tomatoes
Ace Tomatoes (Malachi's pick)
Roma Tomatoes
Celebrity Tomatoes
A pink Azalea

and ready to plant are

For now . . . we'll see what we find to plant next week!


  1. Oh Emiles, that sounds AWESOME. I bet that stuff is gonna be about a million times better than what we could buy at the grocery store. I just got a really strange mental picture of us selling it outside like a lemonade stand. HAHA

  2. Sounds like fun.

  3. where's the corn? :0
    we have eggplant ( a variety we dont like but I feel obligated since we have the seeds LOL), lemon cucs, basil, dill (that is struggling), chives (not yet sprouted), tomatoes (with a marigold to keep the white flies away), peas, radishes, and carrots...
    OH and mushrooms in the closet!