Monday, March 24, 2008

My peeps

We went for a walk today with the Coxes, our dearest and nearest friends. We had a nice time, though it was warm and Lynette and I definitely spent too much time chatting at the end so that the kids became restless and started to bicker. I can't remember how, but somehow the phrase "peeps" came up. As we separated ways, Graham asked, "what are peeps?" I said, "they can be those marshmallow-ey treats you got for Easter, but in this case it is short for 'my people' - my peeps! You guys are my peeps! C'mon peeps, let's walk home!" In that very silly moment, I was so endeared to my peeps! They're MY PEEPS! They'll ALWAYS be my peeps! Don't worry, I literally never use that phrase. But for some reason, it made me feel closer to them today. Gosh, I love those children beyond comprehension. I'm so thankful that they're mine!


  1. That's so great Emily!! ♥

  2. Awwwww, so FUNNY- that phrase "My Peeps" hahaha, and so cute. I love the kind of relationship you have with your kids!