Sunday, March 09, 2008

Photo Essay

Alif & I apparently are big goofballs since we both look a little crazy here. We were about to serve Canaan his chocolately and rose-decorated birthday cake.

Cute pic of Grandma P. and Canaan at his Birthday party. It was a cupcake theme and you can see two of them peeking at you in the bottom of the pic there. Thanks Lynette for frosting them for me!!

We were hanging around last night in the living room and Canaan laid on his back very still. A few minutes later he rolled over and went to sleep, right there on the living room floor. I had to take a quick pic before I carried him up to his bed.

One day we tried making a meatloaf without a loaf pan, because I couldn't find one. Isn't it pretty? Caris asked me to take a picture of her with it because we were having such a good laugh about how it looked. Luckily it looked a lot more attractive sliced up and tasted even better. Don't worry Mom, I'm not bringing meatloaf for dinner tonight.

Sometimes we stick his little hair up just for fun. Don't you love the Pedipeds Grandma B. got him for his Birthday? He does too. He brings them to me and asks me to put them on.

Canaan really, really likes his big brother. Malachi's almost like a third parent to Canaan. They're very close, and Canaan will go to Malachi for comfort instead of me sometimes.

On Canaan's Birthday I climbed into the tub with him and had Malachi take a picture of us. This is where it all began! He was born in this very tub one year ago today (2/4). Doesn't he look thrilled to be reminiscing with me?


  1. lol, at the meatloaf, looks like something that would happen in my kitchen : ) canaan is such a cutie! happy birthday again big guy!

  2. Love all the pictures, that meatloaf is hilarious!

  3. I loved all the pictures, especially the tub! I'm lol at the meatloaf, at least it was yummy, heehee

  4. Hey, I found your blog! LOL This is a VERY sweet entry. I love the tub photo :) I hope to be able to get a shot like that myself soon!