Monday, February 16, 2009

Caris and the Missing Tooth, and Babies galore

As dictated by Caris:

I was at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I was eating a hamburger. And I was like, "what is that in my mouth?" and then I felt it, and then I tried to pull it out, and I thought it was something stuck between the tooth. And I finally pulled it out and dropped it out of my finger. And then I finally knew it was a tooth. And I thought, that's cool! Then we put it in a baggie. Later I told Grandma that I didn't have anything to do and she said, "go play with your tooth!"
So there it is - my baby girl lost her first tooth! And she did it while I was out of town, the little stinker!! I warned her before I left that I would be mad at her if she lost it while I was gone, and she wasn't sure if I was kidding or not so she said, "Will you really be mad, or will you just be sad?" LOL I assured her all would be well if she lost it while I was gone. ;-)

Pictures to come when I FIND MY CAMERA. How does one LOSE a camera??

Also? I have not one but TWO new nieces.
Olivia Katherine was born to Lynette and John on 2/10, and she's not my bio niece but close enough.

Katherine "Kate" Rebecca was born to Megan and Jason on 2/14.
Both girls are gorgeous!!


  1. OMYWORD! Megan looks outrageously gorgeous and little Kate is just darling!!!!I'm so excited for you on both neices!!!!

  2. Seriously, can you even get over how glam she is just hours after a c-section??

  3. That is awesome Emily! I didn't even know that either one was pregnant. Congratulate them for me!!

    Caris sure is growing up fast.

  4. Ok so no fair, Megan looks beautiful! I did not look like that. kate is beautiful too! I can't wait to see Caris with no tooth! I can't believe she is old enough to be losing teeth.

  5. That is a beautiful piece by Caris. I love the way they express themselves.

    And those babies are just the cutest!

  6. the babies are sooooo cute! I want to meet them soon!

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  8. So beautiful! You are such a lucky aunt~

  9. Oh, I don't know why I haven't looked at this sooner, but Megan looks gorgeous and so does her sweet Kate.