Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing to write about

I've had blogger's block lately - had you noticed? I think of things I'd like to say, but by the time I get in front of the computer whatever was on my mind has vanished. I'm just gonna do a little rambling today, if you don't mind.

A couple nights ago Canaan was sleeping with Alif and I. He woke up at 5:45 and asked to nurse, but said it was ok for me to go potty first (ha). When I came back to the bed, I started to climb in and he said, "ahh, thank you!" :-D

We women all love our labor stories. They're so much a part of who we are that we can't help telling them over and over to anyone who will listen (or pretend to). I'm surprised how much I feel this way about the births of my two nieces in the last week! I could write a whole blog entry about each of them, but I feel kind of weird doing so since that's THEIR mommy's story. If I'm going to be a birth photographer, I'm certainly going to have to learn how to integrate others' birth stories into my own life without it throwing me for an emotional loop each time! I almost feel like my own hormones are going through a shift similar to when I had my own kids. I guess it's the huge buildup and letdown of waiting and waiting and waiting, then attending (!) each birth, and then leaving them to live in my own home with my own life. It doesn't make a lot of sense to feel this way but since when did feelings make any sense anyway?

So Olivia and Kate are both doing so well. Olivia is a major sleeper which is new to John & Lynette. I dare say they are enjoying it. Kate has changed so much even since I last saw her on Sunday. My Mom texted me a picture of her yesterday and she was looking like the spitting image of my gorgeous sister.

Oh, I love babies!! I saw someone pregnant last week and told Alif, "Oh look, she's pregnant! Lucky!" He didn't respond.


  1. Emily- I know what you mean, it seems so foreign to be a part of such a sacred event, and then... leave. LOL

    And your photos from Olivia's birth- absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have more, then you could commemorate the occasion for me!

  2. So you're doing birth photography now? Hmmm...

  3. i know what you mean on the blogging block becasue i cant seem to get my thoughts in a post!

    maybe you should post your birth stories have you done that yet? i have been thinking about it lately something i should post on my blog of my best memories of each birth.

  4. I say that about every prego woman I see too... My husband doesn't respond either, hmmm... :)

    How exciting that you got to attend the births... it is my dream to someday attend the birth of someone I love... aside from my own children, of course! :)

  5. Heidi - it's so nice that you can relate to what I am saying!!

    Lisa - there are some steps I want to take before I go official with my birth photography business, but I am looking for practice clients, so if you know of anyone let them know!

    raquel - I love your blog! you do a great job of chatting on there!

    Olive Oyl - with all those sisters, I bet you'll get to attend at least one birth! It's such an intense feeling being there for something like that!!

  6. Emily, I can totally relate to that intense feeling of being with your sister during the whole birth process. I remember when my sister called and I almost felt like it was my turn I was so excited ;)