Monday, February 23, 2009

The One Thing

Last night was a very silly night at AWANA - Potato Head night. The kids, as you can see, all decorated a potato and brought it to club. Caris did hers as Daddy, and it's 2-sided - a happy side and a mad side. How hard did I laugh at Alif? Ha! Caris assured him that he displays the happy side much more than the angry one. (Still laughing.) Malachi carved his like a pumpkin and didn't like it, so Graham came to the rescue, decorating a red potato for him. Malachi was thrilled when his friend Daniel declared red potatoes the most delicious potatoes in the world. Graham's top-hat-with-rock-hair potato wins the prize in my mind. LOVE it.

I'm the T&T Girls Director in our club, and last night was my night to teach. I was excited about the lesson and hoping my enthusiasm would shine through my tiredness. I was praying for this when we started worship. The first two songs were active and fun - perfect! The last song was a slow, beautiful one, and I thought - uh oh, energy's gonna go doooooowwwwwnnn . . .

Then I heard the kids' voices. Amazing grace . . . how sweet the sound . . . amazing love . . . comes flowing down . . . I saw their eyes closed, focusing away from each other and the potatoes and everything else and zoning in on their Lord. From hands and feet . . . that were nailed to the tree . . . your grace flows down and covers me . . .

I'll admit it. I had a moment. A Mom moment. And you know what? I didn't even keep it private. Worship ended and I took my place in front of the kids, and I just let my mushy moment rip.

I told the kids that when a Christian Mom or Dad (or Grandma or Grandpa) finds out they're going to be a parent, there's one thing they think of more than anything else. Yes, we daydream about their tiny little fingernails and soft hair and sweet, tiny noses. We can't wait to snuggle their bitty tummies and tickle their toes. But there's something so much bigger than all of that: we want them to know Jesus.

We long for the day they will ask what it means to trust in Him. To hear their voices acknowledge Him, seek Him, love him.

Let me tell you, there isn't a lot that can move a Mama to tears quicker than hearing her babies praising the Lord. Those voices that aren't even fully developed, totally abandoned to loving their Maker - oh, it touches a place deep, deep inside.

I am so, so blessed!


  1. That is so neat Emily! Very special.
    Love Grahams potato by the way, his personality so comes out on everything he does!

  2. That is so neat Emily! Very special.
    Love Grahams potato by the way, his personality so comes out on everything he does!

  3. I could not agree more! "out of the mouths of children"-- a precious, precious thing indeed.

  4. Oh, man, you're making ME cry, Emily! Well, first I laughed at those funny potatoes. :)