Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Update

It feels quiet over here. I feel sort of on pause, if that makes any sense - like, just wondering what is going on with my Mom's body, what the doctors will tell us, what to expect . . . I'm in a funk over all of it, but life continues to whirl on around me. Want proof?

Ok, here's Easter. If you can believe it, the entire family coordinated. It was super cute, even if it was "very gray" as my beautiful sister-in-law Darla said. LOL This was the best picture I got of the kids. Malachi was being all tween-ey and uncooperative, which resulted in a big Mommy lecture for the first few minutes of our drive to church. Luckily the rest of the day was very nice. I will finish uploading pics and put some more up tomorrow maybe.
Mister Malachi himself, celebrating his 11th Birthday. You're welcome, parents of Malachi's friends and cousins, for that deeply colored frosting. :-X
Backyard playday - these boys were hard at work making their hole bigger. Alif and I have argued for years over whether the kids should be allowed to play in the dirt or not. We finally compromised and let them have this one area to dig. Hooray!
Canaan has no time for digging holes - there's work to be done!
But also plenty of time for kisses from Moxy, and lots of giggling.
The boys started indoor soccer. Here's Alif coaching Graham. Graham is the best defensive player ever. He takes his spot, gets any and all balls OUT OF THERE and then RUSHES back to his spot. He's very intense.
A couple weeks ago I went downstairs and gave the cats some water. It's the boys' job to do that so I'm not real well-versed in the layout of the cat-watering area. Well, I was apparently pretty excited about it and in my rush I stood up and smacked my head into a wall-mounted pencil sharpener. Oh my GOSH it hurt. Like CRAZY. I moaned and clasped my hand to it and waited for blood to drip out. When it didn't, I carefully crept up the stairs to the bathroom and slooooowly uncovered it. It was only bleeding a little, thank goodness, but man was I dramatic about it, all holding a wet washcloth over and everything. Next time one of my kids hits their head I will feel a LOT sorrier for them! That hurts, man! I still have a mark!
In less-dramatic news, I took the big kids to a Home Depot kids' workshop a few weeks ago. Oh, it was fun. We will do this again for sure! Anyone have tips on how to get birds to nest in their little boxes?


  1. Hey Emily, praying for your mom and your family right now!

    You have me giggling about the head injury -- when I fell last week, I was on the ground saying, "Oh my gosh oh my gosh" over and over, and finally realized how dramatic I was sounding! I had to stop and calm down so I wouldn't freak the kids out (any further). Boy, was that a lesson in empathy for head pain!

  2. LOL Amanda, at least I'm not alone! I'm sorry you fell though!!

  3. Home Depot does kids' classes? I've gotta check into that!

    I totally know what you mean about the feeling of being "on hold". I know it all too well.

    What kind of dog is Moxy?

  4. What cute pics!! Your kids are growing up so fast. Canaan looks so serious in his work pic, LOL!!

    Your poor head! I know how you feel though. I pinched my finger the other day, and thought it might fall off! haha!!

    Your mom and family are in my prayers Emily.

    What kind of dog is that?

  5. Home Depot does kids' classes and they're FREE! Lowe's does them too.

    Moxy's a Boxer. Mister Moxy-of-a-Boxer-DOGGIE!! Oh, he's the sweetest of a doggie BUNNERS! Oh - oops. We love our doggie. ;-)

  6. Ouch! I hope your head is feeling better now. I just realized Caris's hair is getting REALLY long :) They all look great.

  7. I am just now discovering your blog. How lame is that?? Cammie mentioned it to me. I don't know how I've missed it since it's right there on the yahoo group.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother! We will have her in our prayers.

    Daphyne (Daisy online)