Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our little outing

Our homeschooling group moseyed on over to a local u-pick farm today for some blueberry-picking action. Unfortunately, when we got there we learned that only strawberries were available for the pickin'. I'd really had a hankerin' for them blueberries, too. Dang! We decided to just wander around rather than shell out the $20 we'd have paid for the picking and a few other perks. There's this huge bin of corn that the kids love to play in . . .

Which, though it has some little black bugs (ew) the kids still love . . . and hey, Canaan is sans diaper on this whole trip - and DRY! Yay buddy buns!
I was also able to talk Malachi into not only POSING for a few pictures but actually SMILING in them . . . (DANG, he's handsome!)And I also un-lazy-fied myself and uploaded a few pics from yesterday's kids vs. teachers baseball game. Just look how uncharacteristically grown up Graham looks in THIS pic!
And look at Canaan's lip - that white line on his right (our left) that looks like a reflection? That's not a reflection, it's a scar from when he fell off our bed a few months ago. :*(
Baby soooo wanted to be out on that field with his Daddy. I was not fond of the idea of a baseball careening toward an unsuspecting toddler's head, however, so he had to pine away behind the fence. And look super cute doing it.


  1. Oh how I long for fresh strawberries right out of the field. I still eat CA strawberries, but now they are trucked halfway across the country.

  2. That corn does look fun:) and that Canaan is one cute little thing.