Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming up for air

The last couple of weeks my family has been sick. Malachi got it first. He laid around feverish for daaaaaays. It just went on and on and on. Then, four or five days in, everyone else got it. It hit Graham the hardest, poor guy. It wasn't anything horrible and awful, but it was just so LONG. I feel like we're on quarantine, so working out how to get to the grocery store or anywhere else we need to go has been tricky.

So here are some (probably completely BORRRRIIIIIING) highlights:

Our air went out. SUCK! It's fixed now. YES!

Malachi scored a goal in his last indoor soccer game of the year! Go Malachi!!

Two nights in a row I left soccer pizza parties in a HUFF because Alif was talking WAY too long. Mature!

I'm sewing Caris a Littlest Pet Shop skirt for her to wear at her Littlest Pet Shop party. It's going slowly because I am lazy and I can only do it during her naptime. I can't wait to show you though!

Yesterday we were at my in-laws' house, which is empty because they're in China right now. We were putting their AC to good use since ours was on the fritz. While we were there I was feeling exhausted and sick and Animal Planet was on. Canaan watched with me while otters bound across snow (seriously!) and made their way to a river, where they went fishing. Canaan goes, "what that monkey doing, mommy?" It was one of his longest sentences - at least, with the words all in the right places - and also totally hilarious. I can't stop thinking about it and I laugh every time.

Also Sir Canaan did not enjoy sleeping in the extreme HEAT. I wonder if he thought we were doing something really awful to him or what he must have thought about our lack of ability to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

Graham's tics are in full force right now, including one where he nods. His vocalizations are also on the annoying side. They never tend to be too bad for too long so hopefully soon they'll all calm down. I have to fight the urge to tell people everywhere we go that he has Tourette Syndrome. I just don't want people to think he's being annoying on purpose. I told Alif or my Mom or somebody that he & I make a great team because I have a nose-flaring tic and he keeps yelling, "happy birthday - to - youuuu!" Super freak, super freak, we're super FREAKY!

One day when Canaan was super sick he fell asleep on my bed eating a sucker. He was sitting up enjoying it, then he laid down while I read, and then he just fell asleep! Look - I have video!

Alright, I guess that's enough of my boring rambling for now. xoxo


  1. I hope you all start feeling better this week. I feel like Ethan needs a tattoo on his forehead sometimes that says "I'm Special!!"

    Because he is special....but he's "special" too and it is very hard not to want to tell everyone on the planet about his difficulties. Having him has taught me that there are a lot of people out there who judge you on how your kids act. Teaching people about special kids is a lesson in tolerance.

    The vid of Canaan is PRICELESS

  2. ROFLOL -- that video is HYSTERICAL, Emily! Totally reminds me of falling asleep while taking notes during college classes after working until 2 a.m. My notes just kind of peeter off into scribbles...

    I'm sorry you've all been sick. I was right there with you. :( And I'm sorry Graham's tics are so bad. Are they trying to find meds?

  3. Canaan is WAY too cute in the video. I think you sent the flu bug my way! Let's just hope it stops with me and does not spread to the kiddos. Hope you are all feeling better now.

  4. What would that be like to just conk out in the middle of eating a sucker? Too funny. And, how about those monkeys crossing the snow. I think I will get a good chuckle every time I think of it, too.

  5. I remember trying to explain to my kids why it was so stinkin hot for them to go to sleep when our power went out in the middle of summer.

    Canaan is such a cutie!

  6. This is so cute! You have to send it to America's Funniest Videos!

  7. oh my, how cuuuuute it Canaan with that sucker and his sleepy little face?? Love it!

    I'm so glad you guys are feeling better!