Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday again already!

I loved how Caris' hair turned out this day. Make a braid out of a small portion of hair toward the front, then make a ponytail off to one side. Braid the pony, secure with a clear rubber band. Wind into a bun and secure to the head with bobby pins. Curl the loose ends with a flatiron. CUTE!

Malachi scored the first goal of the game (and of the season, for him!) at his last indoor soccer game. Way to go, son!

We also had our first swimming day of the season at Papa and Gigi's house. Here Malachi was carrying Canaan around the shallow end. He is such a sweet brother! Today Canaan was running around nakey-buns and I said, "who gave you those cute little buns?" He said, "papa gigi give me cute buns." LOL

Sometime I should do a post with all the pictures I have of Caris like this from each year, just for growth comparison. She is such a sweetie, and man has she grown!

I thought Graham and his cousin Garrett were so cute all snuggled up in one chair together. They won't be able to do this in a few years! They're getting so big!


  1. I LOVE Caris' funky cute hair-do!

  2. So much cuteness! So much fun! :)

    We had G's first day of T-ball today -- he was so excited! It's going to be a great season!

  3. What fun you guys always have!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Amanda, I can't wait to see pics of middlest's t-ball!

  5. Yay for swimming pools! It hasn't been hot enough here for me to go to a pool, but soon enough I hope!