Monday, May 11, 2009

Weight Loss Motivation

I know . . .
that I am abusing my body
that I am not honoring my body as a temple
that my body will eventually grow weary of the way I'm treating it
that the changes I need to make are possible
that changing my diet will be hardest at first and then get easier
that becoming more physically active will be so rewarding
that I want to be a good example to my children of how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle
that I want to feed my family a steady diet of nutritious foods
that I don't want to waste money on fast food or junk food
that the Lord can help me make these changes, because it's clearly in His will for me to be healthy
that I have a TON of support from my family and friends
that I can wear cuter clothes if I'm thinner
that my self-confidence skyrockets when I'm eating well and exercising
that exercise is a mood enhancer
that libido is also improved by exercise and a healthy diet (sorry Mom)
that I don't want my kids to worry about my weight
that I don't want to think about my neck rolls and tummy fat when I am talking to people
that I stay home from functions I'd otherwise enjoy because I feel too fat
that I hate how my clothes feel when they're too tight
that my feet won't hurt in the mornings if I lose weight
that losing weight reduces my risk for heart disease, cancer and any number of other ails
that being fat makes me feel totally unlike my real, core self
that I feel like a duddy person when I am feeling extra fat
that I hesitate to meet new people because of my weight
that you are probably tired of reading this list, but I just might come back and add to it as I think of more reasons I want to change my life.


  1. GREAT list, girlie! I'm going to come back and read your list to motivate me, too!

  2. AMEN! I'm so there with you.

    The thing is I'm a health freak. We eat well. I just don't exercise. At all. That's gotta change.

    Being almost nonstop sick this winter has really made me see just how bad things have gotten in chubby body department.


  3. I totally understand. great list!

  4. Hey, I have another reason for you (and me) -- so we can quit making lists and live, live, live! :)

  5. I'm so proud of you for making your list AND posting it :) I think it's awesome!

  6. I don't think I've ever visited here before, so hello! I just hit publish on my post about vitamins this morning as I've been running around trying to stay motivated to get as healthy as possible. I have so very far to go, and it is so hard and such a long process, but I saw your post listed in my BlogHer ads and decided to check it out.

    This is a list that I mirror word for word.

    I pray that today, specifically today, that you can make healthy choices, that you will find the energy to exercise in a fun way, even if it's dancing around the living room like me! I pray that you start developing better habits starting today and take it one day at a time, and simply add to and increase those habits daily and/or weekly. I pray God blesses you abundantly in this journey and that you take it together. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  7. You're going to do great!