Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Day 1


I was telling Alif last night that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by clutter. I am a clutterbug and I think probably I will always need to keep close tabs on myself in this area, because it's just my natural bent. I'm a LOT better now than I was when we first got married, but if you stop by my house unannounced, be prepared because you might walk into some clutter. Most days I keep things decently picked up, but some days it threatens to overtake us all.

I also love a Plan. So when Amanda mentioned this Spring Cleaning Party, I knew it was the place for me! A Plan already designed? "Party" in the title? A place to brag about my hard work? That's me!!

Care to join me? The party started on May 4 but I'm doing day one - surface decluttering - today.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad I've inspired you! I hope it makes you feel better! I know I tend toward controlling my environment when the rest of life feels so out of my hands. (((hugs)))