Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back from Vegas!

We're home from Las Vegas, and my Mom & Rod are officially Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin now! How's that for exciting? The wedding was truly beautiful, not at all like you might think of a wedding in Vegas. The chapel was gorgeous, the minister wonderful, and Mom was such a beautiful bride I actually cried the second I saw her!

We had such a nice time visiting with Megan and Jason on this trip (and Amanda & Manuel too!). Everything was pretty hustly and bustly, but we did get a bit of hang-out time and that was good.

The funniest moment happened the day we got there, when everyone was a little grumpy from the drive. Malachi said, "I want to go home." and Graham replied, "Oh honey, don't say that, you're my best friend!"

The biggest bummer was that we'd all forgotten about indoor smoking being legal in Nevada. I think Caris must be allergic to it, because as careful as we are about avoiding food allergens, she broke out all around her mouth and under her eyes, and stayed that way the entire trip, despite massive amounts of Benadryl. She was a trooper anyway and had a really fun trip.

It was so awesome coming home to a mostly-clean house and a fresh, new living room and dining room! I told Alif on the way home that I am so excited about just doing a Normal Week in our new areas! It's not actually a TRULY normal week, since it's Graham's birthday on Sunday and we'll need to do our preparations. I can't believe he's turning six!

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS what a treat it is to be a part of this life of yours for December. I love ut! Glad to hear you guys made it home safe- we stopped at the outlets from some MAJOR rushed shopping. Ahhh- the pressure! = ) Those outlets are amazing!