Monday, November 21, 2005


Yeah, that boring - the only title I can think of is the day of the week. HA! I forgot to show a picture of the ceiling fans we got. Well shoot, it won't load so here's a link:
Hopefully that works. We got two to replace the current ones in the living room and one to replace the one in the dining room. I think they'll be pretty! Also I spent a good hour browsing decorating sites and came up with a cute curtain idea. The curtains for the living room will be floor-length and only on the very sides of the big picture window. I was in a quandry about what to do in the dining room, until I found a cute picture of a valance with beaded trim dangling from the botton. AHA! I'll just use the same fabric as in the living room, but do valances with a cute trim hanging! How fun! Now to decide on a fabric . . .


  1. I LOVE the VAN and everything you are doing to your home!=) I bet you want it done for the holidays!
    I am blogspot.njshorelobling something like that!
    BIG HUGS GIRL!SOunds like a lot of progress!Keep me updated:) I LOVE HOME improvements!I need more motivation sent my way.My dh is on "break" again..he goes on and off..he did tons and is overwhelmed to say the least ROFL!

  2. I meant I love the FAN ROFL I said van DURRRRRRRRRR LOL

  3. LOL Nancy! I figured you meant the fan! :-)