Monday, November 07, 2005

Daily schedule

I don't feel like we're accomplishing what we need and want to each day. I think about when I went to school and when I worked . . . I didn't just do what I wanted when I wanted to, I had certain places to be at certain times. I have tried to make myself schedules, but I think I've made them just too constricting for my personality. But I also feel like if I'm going to achieve my goals, I've gotta give myself some guidelines. So here it is:
7-9 Get ready, breakfast, kitchen
9-11 Schoolwork, snack
11-1 Outside time, lunch, cleaning, storytime
1-3 Nap/quiet time (me: dinner planning, Bible study, laundry, crafts, internet)
3-5 Projects, errands, cleaning
5-7 Dinner, kitchen
7-8:30 Kids' bath and bed
8:30 - 10 Alif & Emily time

So hopefully, by giving myself a framework like this that still allows me to have downtime throughout the day, I can get done what needs to get done and not just end up all overwhelmed.


  1. Ok you are really speaking my language when you talk about schedules. Ha! Man I can't imagine though staying home and keeping a schedule- I have tried with the Mckids these past 4 days and IT IS SO HARD! They always screw it up! hahaha jk You are doing wonderful - I hope you're still giving yourself credit for everything you get done in a day even without a schedule. = ) I love you so much Emily and can't wait to be a PART of that schedule!

  2. what to do??? how 'bout..... use that extra half hour to talk with the Lord about all that will happen as soon as your feet hit the floor? I like this idea...think i'll copy it! :) Oh, and i loved what megan said about patting yourself on the back for things that do get accomplished. yay.