Sunday, February 25, 2007

Canaan, 3 weeks

My baby is 3 weeks already! Wow! Here's what he's been up to this week:

-still tries to latch indiscriminately (to my arm, a blanket etc.) but once he finds the nipple, he latches all by himself. No more waiting for him to open wide and then hurriedly pulling him on.
-is on his first antibiotic, already. :-P His congestion just wasn't going away and on Thursday when I took him to the doctor his ear was a little pink. The congestion is almost completely cleared up. Yay!
-had his first fussy/needy day on Wednesday, and I was *exhausted* because of it, but on Thursday he was back to his usual content self. PTL!
-went to house church for the first time on Wednesday

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  1. These updates are so sweet! Canaan is sooo adorable. I'm glad I got to see you guys!!