Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stealing Megan's idea

Megan posted 5-week Christian facts, and I thought that was so cute! So here we go:

Canaan, 1 week old

-hardly opens his eyes, and stares blinkingly and very still when he does
-moves his arms in sweeping, jerky motions
-has little "aim" for nursing and will try to latch to my arm, his hand, a blanket, whatever's close by when he's hungry
-needs to burp at each feeding or he will spit up
-startles at loud noises, but sleeps through it all
-will sleep in just about any position but likes it on his tummy the best
-doesn't mind wet or dirty diapers
-umbilical cord fell off at 6 days old
-sleeps a couple of long stretches per day - if only they'd always be at night!
-has jaundice but his levels are on their way down

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  1. That is so sweet Emily!! What a great thing to look back on.