Friday, February 02, 2007

40 weeks, 2 days

I guess you could say I'm overdue. I'm sure the baby doesn't feel like he's overdue, he's just not finished growing yet. I feel overdue. I am snippy and moody and tired and ready to have him. But not today or tomorrow since it would be really, really inconvenient for my midwife. In fact, as long as we're overdue, I'd love him to hang in there until Monday. Sunday is our turn to work in the nursery, and that's one of my favorite things, so I'd like to be able to do that.

We finished two weeks of every-single-day schoolwork! I'm proud of myself for being so consistent and of the boys for working hard and learning so much in just two little weeks. Caris is adament that it's time for her to start some bookwork of her own, so I am going to see about one of those big preschool workbooks at Wal-Mart. This week we did phonics and math each day - next week we will add handwriting. Of course when the baby comes things will be a little strange but we'll try to stay on schedule as much as possible.

One of Caris' top teeth is turning gray. I took her today to the dentist who's our actual provider with our insurance. It was not promising. He said to just watch for any "pum" (bump? Pus?) on her gums and if I notice any to bring her in and then they would need to pull the tooth. Wonderful. Now do I see about paying hundreds out of pocket to a pediadontist that we actually trust, or do we just watch her tooth die and have it pulled and there's my beautiful girl with a tooth missing for the next 5 years? :*( I hate money issues and insurance issues and especially really bad dental insurance issues. Blah!

I am really grouchy today. Sorry!


  1. It makes COMPLETE sense that you would be moody- gosh! And I'm sure your moody is nothing compared to most women. = ) Love you

  2. OOPS- hahaha, I realized it looks like Jason wrote that comment sense I've gotta use his name because of something he changed on my blog. Ha! That makes the other women moody thing look pretty bad. = )

  3. She'll still be beautiful, even with a missing tooth. Too bad you couldn't get both front teeth taken. That's extra cute. Sorry about it though.