Monday, February 18, 2008

Canaan, 13 months

LOVES playing telephone. Toy phones, real phones, q-tips, his hand, a block - anything can be a phone. He holds it up to his ear, says hello ("eOOOO") and smiles and jabbers on. Then he'll throw it at me and wait in anticipation for me to say, "Hello? Oh HI! Oh ok, would you like to speak to Canaan (he smiles very big now)? Ok, here he is!" and the game starts all over again. If I'm not available he'll walk around happily talking to his telephone friend.

Calls his nurses "mum-mum", which I think is a perfect combination of Mommy and yummy. I realized tonight that it's because I would always say, "Do you want your nursie Mama?"

I love Canaan's kisses and I love when he nurses. He's too cute how he walks swinging one arm in an exaggerated fashion, and how he's just learned to hang on things. I see him hanging on the table, the couch, anything that will hold his chunky self. I love when he says his little words and the way he brings me his Pedipeds and asks me to put them on (by holding them out and saying, "uuuuhhhh? uhhhhh?") I looooove when he wakes between us in the morning and we have time alone with him, just Daddy, baby and me. I love that he's a total charmer and smiles at & talks to people when we're out.

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