Thursday, February 07, 2008

Practical Advice from God

We use A Reason for Handwriting and love it. Each week the boys' writing lessons center around a verse. They practice writing letters and words from the verse and at week's end they write the verse on a pretty border sheet in their best writing, color it, and mail it off to someone they love.

This week's verse in Graham's book is, "It is hard to stop a quarrel once it begins, so don't let it start. Proverbs 17:14." All week I've been thinking how nice it is that his verse is something so truly practical for children to learn. The first time we read it Graham said, "does a quarrel live at the bottom of the ocean?" I said no, that a quarrel is an argument. I couldn't figure out what he was referring to. Well, yesterday he asked, "why DOES God not want the quarrel to grow?" I said, "Because, honey, once we start to argue sometimes it just gets bigger and meaner. It's better to just not quarrel at all." He looked truly perplexed, and all of a sudden I realized that he was asking why God does not want the CORAL to grow. ROFL! All week I thought we were doing some really great virtue training and all week Graham was trying to figure out God's gardening tips. (Or would that be husbandry tips? Are coral actually creatures? LOL)


  1. That is so so funny and cute!! THOSE are the moments that make homeschooling so wonderful. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is too cute!

  3. Totally not related to your blog, but I have a friend who also had a home birth with LaMonica and she scheduled a showing of a movie...gosh I forget the title. Well, here's the link to her blog.

    thought you might be interested :)

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    LOL! That's too cute!