Monday, February 04, 2008

Unabashed Mommy Rambling

One of Graham's best friends is Ellie. They're kind of more like siblings than friends, actually. Anyway, one day Ellie was visiting and admired the lava lamp Graham got as a Christmas gift. That was a couple weeks ago and ever since Graham's been asking me to take him to Target so he could buy her one. He had $12 left on a Target gift card, and last week he got $20 for recycling cans and bottles. Finally last night I took him to Target - just he & I. He even agreed to hold hands. He bought her a cool sparkly lava lamp that he said she would really like. This morning he asked when we can give it to her and he said, "I know that when Ellie gets a gift she laughs a lot and says 'awesome'!" I told him that God loves a cheerful giver and that I love how generous he is. He's like this on a regular basis. Very heart-warming!

Alif came home for a minute while the kids & I were doing schoolwork this morning, and asked Graham if he was feeling better. Apparently I slept through the 4 am puke-fest! Ack! Alif said he heard noise downstairs so he came down and Graham had thrown up, and Malachi was getting him some water. How nice is that? By the way, Graham's fine but next time we have a little Superbowl junk-food fest I will need to monitor the junk intake a little more closely. :-X


  1. That is so great Emily!! I have some pretty sweet kids too. They always look out for each other, and their friends, and do nice things for each other. Makes you feel good as a mommy, that we are doing a good job. : )

    Hope to see you at a park day soon! This week is a valentine exchange.

  2. Ellie loves loves loves the lava lamp. Graham is such a sweetie!!!!