Sunday, February 03, 2008

Canaan, 52 weeks

FIFTY TWO WEEKS! My BABY will be ONE tomorrow! Oh me, oh my!
~Walks most of the time. I love how he walks as though he has boards strapped to the outsides of each leg.
~Says, "ow" (usually when he hits my face - nice.) and "num-num!" (when he's eating or would like to eat/nurse)
~He was yelling and playing a lot when I put him down for a nap today and when I went in he was wearing only his shirt and one sock. The other sock, pants and diaper were all flung to the floor.


  1. time flies doesnt it???? tomorrow is my hubbies birthday too! he will be 30!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Canaan!!! Oh fun, the taking off of the clothes stage, lol!

  3. Happy birthday to your little one and...

    You won a pink poodle purse from

    I emailed you!

  4. yea for canaan's b-day! i love that he's learned how to undress himself, what a big help : )