Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am brilliant, I say!

Last year I planted a lovely garden: tomatoes in three varieties - or was it four? Bell peppers, jalapenos, artichokes, cantaloupe, yellow squash and zucchini. You can imagine our wonderful bounty - NOT!

I'm not sure what the problem was, but my two theories are that our soil stinks and that the area I planted doesn't get enough sun.

So! I made a new plan for this year. My plan involved container planting and scoping out my yard to figure out which parts actually DO get plenty of sun. The containers I had in mind were galvanized steel tubs, which I thought would make adorable planters but which Alif does not want me to destroy by way of will-rust drainage holes. Well, boo. But wait! Raised beds - yes, raised beds would be even better!

So now. I drew up a diagram of our yard. I made several copies. Then I set out at 10 am and colored all the sunny parts with a yellow crayon and all the shady parts with a purple crayon. I repeated the procedure at 12 pm.

Then I came in and showed Alif my handiwork. He was curious so I explained what the colors represent and said, "The sun shifted!". His face instantly turned to sarcasm-central and he said, "You're kidding! You don't say!" Now, I know general wisdom dictates that sarcasm is rude but it makes me laugh, and laugh I did. Well, that set him off. He said, "You would really have been something back when!" Then, in deep voice as though he were presenting someone strangely fabulous: "The world is not flat! The sun mooooves!"

Maybe it's just my strange sense of humor but I was literally doubled over laughing with tears in my eyes. Ha!


  1. Oh, no! I must have a strange sense of humor, too, because I not only got it, but am still laughing!!! Friendly kidding in marriage is FUN!

  2. I would have been hysterical, I must say. Rolling on the floor would not be beyond my scope!

  3. Okay, I'm thinking he was being funny. But I'm not so sure I would have laughed if Scott would have said that. I almost never find him funny because he usually only says that kind of thing when he's grumpy. Hmm....

  4. Have you read The New Square Foot Gardening book? It's all the rage now! :) I just started it and can't wait to start my garden like this.

  5. you guys are hilarious. can't wait to see the garden!!!