Friday, March 27, 2009


My friend Alison goes on adventures all the time with her kids. For a long time I thought she was very lucky to have so many neat things so close to where she lives. Then I realized that hey, there's a ton of cool stuff near me too - I just don't often pay a ton of attention to it because I grew up here.

Well, Lynette asked last week if I'd like to go hiking in a nearby mountain community. Would I ever!! Today we loaded up our minivans, piled in the kids and moseyed up the mountain! It is such a beautiful drive, and from our front door to parking in a hiking area, it took 45 minutes.

We knew it would be a little chillier where we went, but we were super surprised (and the kids so happy) that there was snow on the ground, and quite a bit of it!

This is one of those wrong-in-every-way shots that I totally love anyway . . . I was telling Lynette today how I often focus on close-ups but some like this are nice to remind me of Canaan's little-ness.
This was right when we got there. Notice any certain gender divisions? LOL
I am pretty sure this was Canaan's first time seeing snow. He declared it "YUMMY!"
Caris was pouting in this picture but she's just so beautiful anyway . . .
Speaking of beautiful, how angelic is Emma?


  1. what a fun day trip! there are so many beautiful places within a short driving distance around our town, and i love Tehachapi!

  2. Sometimes you need the "wrong" photos to help you remember exactly how right it all was.

  3. You need to Geocache or letterbox. It will help you find new neat things in your area!

  4. Awww..thanks for the plug and YEPPIE..awesome oh getting out and seeing your world!!! We are very lucky to be able to explore our little worlds so completely!!